Air Canada’s New Drone Partnership Means Things Are Looking Up For Drone Deliveries, Eh.


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Canada drone delivery

Oh Canada, the more polite, friendlier northern neighbor of the USA. Home to some of the most amazing natural wonders in the world and supplier of at least half of Hollywood royalty. There are lots of nice things to be said about the North American country that still likes the Queen of England. Now, we can add one more item to the list, with a major agreement between Air Canada and Drone Delivery Canada.

Hoping for a future where we have a million tiny craft flying overhead may seem a little weird, but airborne delivery drones make a lot of sense from an automation perspective. A lot of work has gone into creating integrated air traffic control systems and believe it or not it’s easier to make a robot fly a package to you than navigate on land.

However, this sort of system is not going to work unless you have backing from the government and the airline operators, which makes Air Canada’s exclusive deal a big signal that Canadians might soon have to get used to drones dropping off packages instead of a friendly delivery person. We haven’t confirmed whether these drones are programmed to be very apologetic though.

Sydney Butler