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We started DroneGuru in 2014 for one simple reason – drones are AWESOME. We are here to help you take your drone hobby or career to new heights!

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Stay up to date with the latest drone news and regulations. At DroneGuru we have tons of free drone resources and guides to help you out. Maybe you want to get a drone license? Maybe you want the best FPV goggles, a great selfie drone, or a drone that follows you while you ski?

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What are the best ways to make money with a drone? Want to know how to get a commercial drone license? Do you want to improve your aerial photography? We have guides that cover most of what you want to know about UAVs.

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Our dedicated team research and try the latest drones, so you don’t have to buy a dud. We have tons of top lists featuring the best drones, whether you are a beginner, want a drone for kids, selfies, fpv goggles or a great drone for GoPro cameras.


The UAV jungle can be tough to navigate for beginners. Our beginners secion has useful guides and info for newbies. Learn how to fly a drone, excel at aerial photography and video, and see the best beginner drones.

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Drone technology and everything else surrounding UAVs moves incredibly fast. We are here to help you keep up to date with all things drone. We publish news, rumors, gossip and interest pieces related to the world of drones.

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