Hawaii Drone Laws 2020 (How To Fly Legally)

Hawaii is one of the few places in the world that can rightly be called a paradise. This island US state is a prime holiday destination and there’s a lot of scenery and activities for drone photographers to drool over. If you live in Hawaii or plan to visit, then … Read more

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Ohio Drone Laws [State Laws and Local Regulations]

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Canada Drone Laws 2020: Fly the (Un)friendly Skies

It’s easy to forget that the United State’s Northern neighbour Canada is actually much larger in terms of land mass. This large nation endowed with an astounding diversity of wilderness only has a tenth of the human population found in the USA, but is known as a safe and friendly … Read more

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Colorado Drone Laws [Hunting, Ski Resorts & Property]

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Oregon Drone Laws 2020 [Registration and Private Property]

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Michigan Drone Laws 2020 (Stay Up to Date!)

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