Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom

DJI Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom: New Mavic has a Showdown with Itself

DJI have finally refreshed the main “Pro” line of Mavic drones. Fans of the original have waited two years, clutching their greasy dollars, deftly avoiding other drone enticements along the way. Now that the Mavic Pro 2 has arrived however, eager Mavic fans face a conundrum. There are two, mutually-exclusive … Read more

DJI Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro vs Spark

DJI Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro vs Spark: A Fistful of Mavics

It wasn’t too long ago that the smallest drone that had the word “professional” attached to it was the classic DJI Phantom. If you really wanted something serious it was going to be bigger and much more daunting than the already bulky prosumer quadcopters. These days the size and shape … Read more

review of DJI goggles

DJI Goggles Review: Here’s Looking At You Kid

Virtual reality headsets have constantly been in the news of late. Since 2016 when products like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive launched, we’ve been inundated with pictures everywhere of people wearing these goofy goggles. So it seems VR is finally here, but what does that have to do with drones? … Read more

Parrot mambo FPV review

Parrot Mambo FPV Review: Half-serious Fun

When I first started flying RC helicopters, I was always jealous of the guys with FPV setups. Even having an onboard camera was a massive (and expensive) luxury, but having one that transmits video in real time to a screen or headset was by far the coolest thing I’d seen. … Read more