6 Quick Ways to Get a Drone Out of a Tree

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ways to get drone out of a tree

You’ve got your new shiny drone, and are excited to try it out.

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, sometimes flying a drone can be tricky, especially when obstacles are in the way.

If you’re ever faced with the dreaded stuck in a tree scenario, don’t panic. There are a few tricks you can try to rescue your drone and fly again.

6 Quick Ways to Get Your Drone out of a Tree

how to get drone out of a tree

1. Climb the Tree

If the tree is easily climbable, or you are able to get into the tree in a safe way, then climbing the tree is always the first option. You don’t need anything to get the job done, and it takes only a matter of minutes.

If you are with others you can always ask for help and guidance on where to move as you’re climbing. Try to have a clear view of where you are climbing and where the drone is stuck.

Unfortunately, there are going to be many scenarios in which climbing the tree just isn’t an option–at least not a safe one.

Drones are able to fly much higher than the average person can climb a tree. Certain trees will have too many branches, making them virtually impossible to climb.

When it doubt, don’t do anything that will put your safety at risk. There are always other options.

2. Slingshot with a Fishing Line

Try using a slingshot and shoot a strong (kevlar coated) fishing line over the branch. Remember to use a weight on the fishing line so that it drops to the ground afterwards. Then shake the fishing line and try to shake the drone out of the tree.

3. Get a Lift

Your next option is to get into the tree without just using your strength. If you’re lucky enough to know someone with a bucket truck or a hydraulic lift that can safely lift you into the air, give them a call. In just seconds and no effort at all, you can have your drone in your hands.

If you are really dedicated to getting back your drone, many rental stores have lifts you can rent by the hour or day. Otherwise, you might need to go with the good ol’ fashioned ladder.

drone hanging on a tree

4. Use a Ladder

Ladders can also be rented from various stores if you don’t already own one.

Ladders are much safer than just trying to climb the tree, but make sure you always have someone to watch and help.

Having someone on the ground can make sure the ladder stays steady and you stay safe.

This is not your last resort, so don’t panic if a ladder doesn’t work. Some trees may simply be too tall or dense for this trick to work.

5. Knock it Out

If you can’t get up to the drone itself, you need to find something else to do the job. This will be something you throw at the drone to knock it out of the tree.

Since this object will be coming into contact with your drone to knock it out of place, make sure it won’t instead damage the drone.

Some good ideas are a dart gun, if you have one lying around. The pellets are soft enough to reduce damage, but have enough force to dislodge a stick item.

An inflatable ball or toy is also a viable option. Again, it needs to be soft enough to reduce any damage.

If you do attempt this, always make sure to stay out of the way of the drones path. When falling from a tree, sharp or pointy parts on the drone can cause injuries. If other people are nearby, make sure to give them a warning beforehand.

6. Fiberglass Pole

Try to poke it down with long pole. This  an be combined with a ladder. Be sure to keep your balance, have someone to keep the ladder steady and always consider safety first!

There are some cases where there is simply no solution. If none of the previous methods have worked out for you, you may need to determine how much your time is worth. If your drone is lower in price, it may simply be worth it to cut your losses and walk away.

drone stuck on a tree

You can always wait until the next storm to check if the drone was dislodged. You can also try to find someone else willing to help out.

Hopefully one of these tricks should help you get your drone and get back to flying in no time!

Originally Created by Evan, @ecbcat20 on Instructables.com

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10 thoughts on “6 Quick Ways to Get a Drone Out of a Tree”

  1. FYI, If you’re on a 20 ft+ ladder, nothing a ‘safety’ guy on the ground can to if you+ladder starts to fall. Physics 101.

  2. You guys are stupid. If you call the fire department to get a toy out of a tree, you are going to get laughed at and/or charged with a criminal offence for wasting the resources of your emergency services.

    • That may be the case if u tell them your 3 month old son is 60′ up a tree. If u call , Not 911. The number to the fire house. U may be told yes, Or no. But if u tell them what u need done with detail. Including address you may need to wait till the truck is going to be in ur area. It will be nice to come home one day and see ur drone at ur door.

  3. Here’s how we did it… two telescopic pool poles end to end (4 extensions of 8′). Also used a ladder to give the extra 5′ need to reach the drone (approximately 30′ up in the tree limbs). Knocked it out of the snag and it fell. One of the guys caught it, banged up his hand, but the drone survived.

    • I got my tiny drone stuck in a tree. It has a built in cage, so it gets caught on things very easily. I don’t know how to get it out, and none of these things worked. Can anybody help?

  4. The Fire Department call is a no-no. The laugh on the other end will either be at you or at your request. Here is the best to call. #1 A tree removal service. They have human tree monkeys that can climb any climbable tree for a fee. #2 Power service companies. If the drone is on solid ground or next to a road their bucket trucks can get close and knock it down. I had an R/C airplane lodged in a tree just out of reach and it hung there for 5 days. While sitting there on the sixth day a power company crew drove by. I ran them down. Explained the problem. The got an O.K. from the on-site boss and Presto… the plane was in my hands. Big bucks saved. At first they refused payment (all they wanted was good-will I think) but I insisted. In the end = everyone happy.

    If the drone is a really high dollar piece, get a chain-saw, go back late at night and cut the tree down. Sneak back home and have a beer……………

  5. I had a tiny drone (DJI Spark) with prop guards on firmly wedged onto a tree branch at least 85 ft in the air. The tree was basically unclimbable and at that height, a fall would be likely fatal even if you could. I mean this thing was at the tippy top of the tallest tree on the street, what luck!
    No pole could reach that, hell I’m not even sure a regular bucket truck could, it was so lodged that it would have taken a hurricane to blow it down.
    I decided to try your slingshot idea. After about a hour with 40lb line, two 1oz weights lashed together, and a Daisy sling shot I was lucky enough to get a shot right on the limb only 3-4 inches from the drone and then after a half hour of shaking the hell out of the tree the drone fell. Wasn’t able to catch it but only a prob guard was broken. Cheers for that $400 idea!!

  6. I used fishing rod wire with a fishing weight. Threw it up over the tree. Then pulled both ends causing tree branch to bounce. Worked really well.

  7. What are Stupid Drones?
    Answer: They are Drones that can’t look out for Themselves.
    They are Cheap Obsolete & Potentially dangerous. Aso can’t even pick up a clothes peg of a clean lawn.

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