The Use of Drones in Construction Inspection and General Building

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using drones in construction inspection and building

Drone technology has been advancing greatly over the past few years. Technology that was once only available to military personnel is now available in the civilian market at competitive pricing options.

The construction industry is usually somewhat adverse to new technology. However, drone technology has been quickly adopted by many businesses in this ever evolving industry.

Many residential real estate builders have already jumped on the opportunity to utilize drones. Arial shots provide builders to see an overall picture of how subdivisions and single homes are coming along.

Drone technology can also be very helpful when it comes time for home builders to move their properties. Detailed aerial photography and videography can help home builders to show potential buyers the beauty and size of homes in which they will potentially be investing.

The relatively low cost of purchasing drones or hiring professionals will be greatly justified by the amount of money that can be generated due to new sales.

using drone for construction inspection

Drone inspection can be a great way for teams to stay on top of their projects. With a talented pilot, drones can show you any structural problems that may be occurring with your new build.

By using drone construction inspection, you can assure that your project will go according to plan. This can save you thousands of dollars in rebuilds and plan changes. Determining the overall structural integrity of a new build will be much easier with the use of a drone.

Using drones for your inspection can be much safer as well. In the past, inspectors would have to climb onto roofs that could potentially be dangerous to assess the damage. Inspectors will be much safer on the ground while looking at a screen attached to their drone controller.

With even more advanced technology, drones can aid in the creation of detailed 3D models of new construction projects.

Drone can help you see what things look like on the roof of a skyscraper under construction or can show you how a tunnel construction is progressing.

You can also use a quadcopter to fly around the perimeter of a construction site and check out how closely the it resembles the blueprints or the model.

There is also specialized software for use with construction.

Many construction companies are now training a member of their team to become proficient in the operation of drones. This can help them to save thousands of dollars in inspection fees in the long run.

Many real estate photographers have also become very well learned in the art of drone flying. With the aid of this new technology, they are able to create photos that are very valuable to agents.

Use a Drone Inspection Company or Fly Yourself?

drone building inspection

There are many companies that specialize in drone construction inspection. If you are not looking to buy your own drone, you can find licensed professionals who will be able to take care of your aerial inspection quickly and effectively.

If you are not sure whether or not you need a drone license yourself, check out our guide.

When looking for the right company to hire, you must make sure that these professionals have the right permits to operate in your area. As the property owner, you may be held liable for any accidents that happen due to improper drone usage.

It can be more cost effective to buy a drone if you have multiple inspections that will need to be completed in the upcoming months and years. At right around $1,000 dollars, you can purchase a drone that will be sufficient for your inspections.

Learning to fly a drone takes time though, and if you dont have the time to learn the skill, using professionals is the best option.

Professionals can cost around $400 an hour. If you have many inspections that need to be completed annually, your cost for inspection can really rack up quickly.

If you have experience with flying RC helicopters or quadcopters in the past, this could greatly help your choice to buy a drone instead of hiring a professional. However, you can always take time on the weekend to learn how to fly this drone on your off time. Not only will you be able to save money but you will be able to have a fun new hobby that you can enjoy on your off time.

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