Drone Licence Plates are Now a Thing

If you think about it, needing a “licence plate” on a drone was sort of inevitable. All other aircraft have their registration numbers clearly painted on the outside. Until now, however, FAA rules only mandated that your registration number had to be inside the battery compartment. That way, if your … Read more

Hydrogen fuel cell in lab

Hooray for Hydrogen: Fuel Cell Drone Sets New Record

Modern day drones are technological marvels, but their Achilles heel is without a doubt flight range. Almost all multirotor drones rely on lithium ion battery technology, which is by far the most energy-dense batteries suitable for consumer use. It still doesn’t come close to matching fossil fuels however, with even … Read more

Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom

DJI Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom: New Mavic has a Showdown with Itself

DJI have finally refreshed the main “Pro” line of Mavic drones. Fans of the original have waited two years, clutching their greasy dollars, deftly avoiding other drone enticements along the way. Now that the Mavic Pro 2 has arrived however, eager Mavic fans face a conundrum. There are two, mutually-exclusive … Read more