Hands-On Review of Middax F51 Waterproof Aquadrone

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Middax F51 AquadroneI got to test the new Middax F51 Aquadrone, courtesy of GearBest.

The Middax F51 is a very small drone, 16 cm wide, 5.8 cm high, and with a length of 20 cm, but it does pack quite a bit of power, and includes a small camera with a 4GB memory card.

You get a nice booklet with instructions that are highly detailed, and great for beginners. You get 2 batteries, which I really like, a great bonus, and you also get 4 spare props.

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No assembly is really required, just charge the battery and put it in. Attaching the prop guards was a bit difficult, had to ask my girlfriend to do it since she has smaller hands.

The drone flies amazing!

It is very fast and very agile. The take off is easy, just push up the throttle and you’re off. Since it is so fast I recommend that you fly it outdoors.

Easy to Control and Fly

Take off is easy, just push up the throttle. This little drone is very fast, so you probably should fly it outdoors rather than indoors.

The controller has a grip on top so you will not slip. The control is also labeled, which makes flying easy. You need 4 AAA batteries for the controller.

You might need to calibrate the drone a bit to get it to fly completely straight.

Great Value

You really get a lot for the money. The lights on the Middax F51 are very bright and strong. Take off is easy. There is a small camera attached to the drone, with a small 4GB memory card attached.

You can charge both the batteries at the same time with the charger, which is very nice and saves you time.


Overall the construction does not seem very strong, and the battery hatch was a bit flimsy. With such a small drone it was a bit difficult to put on the prop guard.

Longer flight time would be nice, but I got 2 batteries with the drone, which is a big plus, and you can charge 2 at the same time with the charger.

First Flight Video:

Trying it out for the first time in my back yard. It moves very fast, so you need a bigger area to fly than this. Also dont fly on windy days.

Other features

Headless mode

One key return (return to home)


Flight time: 7 minutes

Distance: around 50 meters

Charge time: 45 minutes

360 Flips

3.7V 400mAH

Fine tuning calibration to stabilize

Trim control

2.4 GHz Remote

Weight 50g


All in all this is a great little drone. It is fast, steady and fun to fly! There are some downsides to the construction, but the very cheap price makes it all right. I highly recommend this little quad! Keep it outside though, as it moves very fast, which can cause it to bump against walls, furniture etc. Because of its size it also flies better when there is not too much wind.

Add your voice! Keep in mind that you can add your own review in the comments field. When you rate the drone, the main rating of the drone changes as well.

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Middax F51Waterproof Aquadrone


Flying experience






Value for money



  • Very fast
  • Can do 360 flips
  • Fun flying experience
  • 2 batteries included
  • Waterproof


  • Construction not that strong
  • Flight time could be longer