best fixed wing drones

6 Best Fixed Wing Drones Reviewed [Ultimate Guide 2024]

Thanks to the rise of multirotor radio-controlled aircraft we are now stuck with some pretty weird naming conventions. While the public has taken to calling all quadcopters and things that look like quadcopters “drones”. There’s been a lot of back and forth on what counts as a “drone”, but to … Read more

black friday drone deals

8 Best Black Friday Drone Deals of 2023

Once again Thanksgiving has come and passed, so it´s time for Black Friday 2023!  As has now become tradition since drones have become a mainstream product, this is the time of year when you’ll probably get the best deals on drones possible. If you’ve been saving up for the right … Read more

best drone simulators and games

7 Best Drone Simulators and Drone Games 2024

Drone piloting and RC flying in general is fantastic, fun hobby. Unfortunately it’s something you can only do if the circumstances are just right. You need time, preparation and a suitable space to get your kicks or some practice. It’s not like you can quickly squeeze in five minutes of … Read more