Follow me drones action footage of cycling

7 Best Follow Me Drones in 2024

Here´s the deal: Follow me drones are perfect when you want to get action footage of yourself skiing, cycling, snowboarding, running or even surfing. But: Many don´t perform very well, are difficult to control and shoot low-quality footage. So our experts compiled a list of 7 Outstanding Follow Me Drones … Read more

Best commercial drones 2016

The Best Commercial Drones for Sale [Late 2017]

Drones have become much more than hobby gadgets and they’ve already entered multiple industries. The commercial applications of UAVs are numerous, as long as local regulations enable businesses to utilize them. From agriculture to surveillance and package deliveries – the options are limitless. When it comes to commercial use, which … Read more

best rc helicopter

Best RC Helicopter Reviews 2024: Top 7!

If you’re looking for a good RC helicopter, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the available options. Beginners will want to go with a small, inexpensive, easy to use chopper, while more experienced pilots may want a helicopter that comes with more advanced capabilities to maneuver. Today we will … Read more

Best Drones for the Money

12 Best Drones For Sale 2024

What is the best drone for your money right now? Here‘s the deal: In 2022 DJIs drones still tops my list for those who have a bit of money they want to spend on real quality. Holy Stone is a great budget option though. Now DJI also has some relatively … Read more