Pros and Cons of Drones

30 Pros and Cons of Drones: Lessons from Real Events

Far from being just toys for tech geeks, drones are revolutionizing industries, transforming recreational activities, and even saving lives.  But like any piece of tech, they come with their own set of challenges. From legal issues and accidents to potential misuse. So, are you ready to dive in and explore … Read more

Drone Battery Last

How Long Does a Drone Battery Last: Get the Facts

Imagine this: you’ve just launched your shiny new drone into the sky. It’s soaring, dipping, capturing stunning aerial footage…and then, suddenly, it’s plummeting towards the ground. Why? The battery gave out. You see, understanding your drone’s battery life isn’t just about avoiding a crash landing (though that’s certainly a big … Read more

Aerial photo in Slovenia

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Safely With Drones in 2024

Drones aren’t mere toys anymore. As of 2019, there are 1.3 million drones registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), piloted by federally-certified pilots. There are millions of additional hobbyist drones, which are unlicensed and fall under the safety protocols of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  When pilots ignore … Read more

drone video about photography

Video: 7 Tips to get Cinematic Aerial Video Footage

Whether you are a veteran drone pilot who is using the drone to primarily capture cinematic footage or you are just getting into flying drones and capturing video, this tutorial is for you!  Filmmaker and YouTuber Joey Helms is sharing his top 7 tips to achieve cinematic drone footage and help you to … Read more

drone with explosives

The Latest Anti-Drone Defense – It´s a Bullet

Drones are getting more and more technically advanced, and you get more flight time and power for your money. While this is great, it also makes drones a bigger security risk as people with bad intentions easily can get a drone that can fly for over 30 minutes and cover … Read more