drone with explosives

The Latest Anti-Drone Defense – It´s a Bullet

Drones are getting more and more technically advanced, and you get more flight time and power for your money. While this is great, it also makes drones a bigger security risk as people with bad intentions easily can get a drone that can fly for over 30 minutes and cover … Read more

Large drone carry weight

Drones as a Solution To Ferrying Heavyweight Goods

Elroy Air has designed a new type of drones that can lift and transport goods to your desired destination. These new sets of advanced drones could be the new solution to the annoying hassle associated with shipping huge cargo. A huge drone has been built to ferry a maximum weight … Read more

Drone Licence Plates are Now a Thing

If you think about it, needing a “licence plate” on a drone was sort of inevitable. All other aircraft have their registration numbers clearly painted on the outside. Until now, however, FAA rules only mandated that your registration number had to be inside the battery compartment. That way, if your … Read more

Hydrogen fuel cell in lab

Hooray for Hydrogen: Fuel Cell Drone Sets New Record

Modern day drones are technological marvels, but their Achilles heel is without a doubt flight range. Almost all multirotor drones rely on lithium ion battery technology, which is by far the most energy-dense batteries suitable for consumer use. It still doesn’t come close to matching fossil fuels however, with even … Read more

Drones Go from Delivering Packages to BEING Packages

We’ve gotten used to the idea that drones are going to be delivering our packages. If nothing else, Amazon has been pushing the notion of Amazon Prime Air for years now. Pulling in the likes of Jeremy Clarkson to assure us that a future packages buzzing overhead is imminent. Their … Read more

mavic pro platinum

Christmas Comes Early: The Great Mavic Pro 2 Leak

It’s so hard to keep a secret these days, dontcha think? Everywhere there are people with smartphones and pesky internet connections. Any sort of slip up will result in your carefully carded info getting spread around the web like top secret peanut butter on a webby slice of bread. OK, … Read more