Underwater Treasure Hunting with a Drone

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Underwater Drone
Are you dreaming about finding lost treasure under the sea? Now you have your chance, with the underwater drone called Trident, which can be pre-ordered here for around $1400.

The drones creators are treasure hunters Eric Stackpole and David Lang, and they designed it to be able to search a cave in California for lost gold.

The Trident can be controlled by a SmartPhone, a laptop or a joystick, and can be used with a VR headset. The weight of the drone will be about 6 pounds, and it can transmit video feed in HD at a range of about 600 feet. Judging by the video, it also moves very fast in the water.

This is an amazing opportunity to discover the massive area hidden under the surface of the sea.

To be able to construct the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) they setup a community called OpenROV to get feedback and assistance from other treasure hunters and engineers, and get help in designing their underwater drone.

With the help of Kickstarter the project was brought to life, where more than 1000 backers pledged over $800,000.

Here is a video by OpenROV, showing you a bit of what the Trident can do:

I see lots of different uses for a drone like this, marine conservation, treasure hunting, exploring shipwrecks and caves, or just filming for fun.

I also think there will be lots of uses for underwater drones like the Trident that we just have not thought of yet, inspecting underwater pipes, gas pipes, bridges, harbors, ferries, and much more.

A really exiting new technology that creates an opportunity to film areas underwater, and explore underwater in a way that in the past was reserved by very expensive vehicles, like one man submarines etc.

I dont know about you, but this really makes me want to go treasure hunting, and checking out some underwater caves!

Jesse Young