The Mavic 2 Enterprise is an Utility Drone with a DJI Heart

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DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise DroneJust about everyone agrees that the Mavic 2 is a real game changer in the prosumer drone space. It improves on the disruptive Mavic 1 in every way, while finally clearing up the Mavic line so that it’s clear which is the top dog.

Whether you go for the Mavic Zoom or the Mavic Pro 2, you are getting one of the very best drones on the market.

If neither of those quite do it for you, DJI now has a third option on the table  Рthe Mavic 2 Enterprise

To Boldy Go

Unfortunately this is not a Star Trek special edition of the drone, which I would have liked. Instead, when they say enterprise they mean large organizations that have professional uses for drone that extend beyond making videos or taking photos. Think of it as a business-class drone.

Priced at a hefty $1999, there’s more to this Mavic than we’re used to. First of all, it has two prominent spotlights up front, meant to illuminate the ground. This is meant to allow the operator to see in the dark as well as help out lost people as part of search and rescue work.

The Enterprise is equipped with AirSense, which provides realtime indication of any manned aircraft nearby and the already amazing flight autonomy from the Mavic 2 has been upgraded. Specifically to handle complex environments (like construction sites) without bumping into anything.

Zooming About

The Enterprise seems to take its cues from the Mavic Zoom when it comes to camera work. It provides 2x optical and 3x digital zoom. The optics have however been tuned for close-range, precision operation. Not for capturing cinematic footage.

Modular Design

The biggest hardware difference is most likely the inclusion of a port. While we don’t know about any specific examples yet, DJI indicates that all sorts of devices can be connected to the Enterprise for special missions. It will be interesting to see if any third-party solutions make an impact.

Big Business

DJI has a few example use cases in mind with the Enterprise and if you look at the cost of the drones usually used in these various lines of work, they might actually have a winner on their hands.

Firefighting, law enforcement, power line inspection, search and rescue and other similar mission types usually make use of hardware much more expensive than two grand.

The Enterprise doesn’t just make a compelling financial argument either. Based on the enhanced software and more precise data logging, the Enterprise is likely to outdo the current generation of drones doing these jobs from a technological perspective.

Is it relevant to consumers? Not really, but it is neat to know that the line between prosumer and enterprise drone technology just got a little bit thinner.

Sydney Butler