Goulburn-Murray Water Shows off Advanced Drone Technology Implementation

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Managing five billion USD worth of irrigation infrastructure is anything but easy. So Australian company Goulburn-Murray Water have implemented new drone technology to take some of the strain out of keeping an eye on all those pipes.

In a community outreach session with elderly citizens, GMW showed off a number of impressive drones. Including a pricey Matrice 210 and more common off-the-shelf fare from companies like DJI.

Using imaging technology such as IR and just normal old HD cameras, the company can quickly check hard-to-reach areas for damage and create accurate maps in a fraction of the time it would take in the past. This neatly demonstrates how drones are becoming indispensable when it comes to infrastructure management. Right now GMW must use experienced and licensed drone pilots, but one day drones may do these jobs with complete autonomy.

Sydney Butler