GoPro Releasing Karma Drone On Monday


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The first signs that GoPro was planning on a major product release next Monday was a series of teasers that was released by the company to show how the new Karma drone was going to perform.
Here are the latest commercials that give you a preview of what the GoPro drone can accomplish:

Karma is coming:

Karma is close:

Karma is out there: 

The latest commercial features mountain bike riders descending a mountain and taking a sharp corner as the drone soars overhead and films all the details perfectly.

A Compelling Refresh

GoPro has had some rough times of late, laying off a small percentage of their workforce as they tried to come up with a better strategy to compete in today’s market, and complete their drone. Their earlier moves proved to be savvy, moving them into contention as one of the top action camera firms in the world.

So a refresh that would bring back their momentum or mojo would be well timed.

The drone market is however very competitive, and we will just have to wait and see how well Karma performs in comparison to DJIs Phantom 4, or 3DRs drones.

Is the GoPro Drone really that Special?

Supposedly. Nobody really knows exactly what is coming our way. Likely there will be a heavy focus on filming, and the camera will be a big selling point.

The big question for those that are interested in a drone that contains the quality that GoPro brings to the table is will it enter the market at a competitive price point or not. Plenty of competitors like DJI has some very competitive prices, especially for the Phantom 3 drones, and competitors like Yuneec  are also budget conscious.

Will GoPro stay within a conservative price range or will the enhancements that they plan move their entry-level product into the realm of the film community that they so clearly covet? You will definitively find out on Monday.

Jesse Young