Get Better at Aerial Photography (Infographic)

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Aerial Photography is a skill best learned by both study and practice. There is no better way at learning than by taking pictures and reviewing your work, but you need to be prepared before you go and know the basics. I am certainly no pro at this myself, but feel that I am improving, and I created this small infographic that I hope can help beginners getting better, and understanding aerial photography with a drone.

Infographic Drone Photrography

Before you can master taking pictures from the sky, you need to have the equipment capable of delivering the kind of work you want. You need a quality drone and a quality camera both. Check out my recommendations for great drones with cameras.

For more beginner tips, and a list of the most affordable quality drones available, check out our article about the search of the best beginner drone.

To keep improving as a drone photographer I recommend that you keep studying and learning tricks from the pros. When you combine the knowledge you can get from them, with a great camera and a drone, you have a great hobby or even the start of a new drone business.

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  1. Great article, thanks. However, as much learning the best aerial drone cinematography tips is important, knowing the post work is also very ideal. You can never have a great aerial film unless you are equipped with the right tips for editing it to market content. Remember every activity you are involved in is for your customers. So what are doing differently for them? In aerial drone cinematography editing skills are very vital. Get a few marketing strategies too. Before all these you should however shoot raw and zoom as minimal as you can. I have done this for five years and I love your tips.

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