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Inspire 1DJI is the increasingly popular Chinese technology company that rolled out the DJI Phantom and DJI Inspire drone product lines, both of which have gained massive followings in multiple parts of the world.

Due to the expense involved in purchasing your drone, finding a way to protect it while still being able to enjoy its use is important. DJI has introduced DJI Care, which provides your purchase the protection it needs so you can enjoy using it in your day-to-day life.

DJI Care provides support for many of their most popular product lines, including the Phantom 3, the Phantom 4 and the Inspire product lines. Although this care plan seems similar to an insurance policy, it is actually an aircraft repair plan.

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6 or 12 Month Coverage

DJI Care provides protection for either 6 or 12 months, for a one time fee. Depending on when the DJI Care plan is purchased determines when the plan becomes active. If you purchase your plan at the time of purchase, your DJI Care becomes active 2 days after shipment. If you purchase your plan after already taking ownership of your drone, then the plan becomes active on the date of purchase.

DJI Care offers a number of benefits to you and your drone, which includes the aircraft, gimbal and camera. The coverage includes damage caused to your drone due to dropping, crashing or squeezing caused by operator error, signal interference, collision and other accidents.

During the warranty period of your protection plan, DJI provides free repairs as long as the equipment is returned to DJI within the validity period; which is either 6 or 12 months.

DJI Care, however, does not provide coverage for accessories for your drone. Some examples of accessories include: remote controllers, propellers, batteries and chargers.

One of the many benefits to DJI Care in comparison to a traditional insurance policy is that as long as the aircraft satisfies repair costs and DJI coverage requirements, the aircraft will be replaced. DJI has also made this process as simple as possible. You can contact DJI after an incident occurs, and after explaining the incident,

DJI will provide you with instructions on how to send your drone back to a DJI repair facility. One DJI receives your drone and then confirms that your coverage is effective and your aircraft meets the requirements, then DJI will repair your drone and ship it back to you, free of charge.

All of these benefits of DJI Care are in addition to the standard manufacturer’s warranty that is offered by DJI. If, during the course of repair, DJI discovers that part or all of your repair would be covered under the standard warranty, the remaining balance of your DJI Care will not be affected.

When purchasing DJI Care, keep in mind that you cannot renew or purchase additional coverage once your initial policy expires.

Buy When You Buy Your Drone

In addition, that coverage must be purchased within 48 hours. DJI cannot warranty or determine the condition of your drone after it has been activated for more than 48 hours.

DJI Care also applies to your drone for the protection period or until your amount of repair fees exceeds your coverage amount, whichever comes first.

As always, there are a number of exclusions to every warranty policy, and DJI makes it easy for you to review all of these on their website. DJI Care also offers phone and online support if you have additional coverage questions or concerns.

Pricing starts from $99 to cover the Phantom 3 Standard for 6 month, and $129 for one year. If you want to insure your Inspire 1 V2.0 a 6 month coverage is $499 and a one year is $699.

Read more about the DJI Insurance and sign up.

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  1. I’ve , I’ve tried to get DJI care for my Phantom 3 standard from day one without success I run around so to speak I am disappointed I’ve wasted over 20 hours of time and my nerves well hopefully you get the picture I’ve sent pictures of serial numbers I’m next to having a nervous breakdown I was left waiting to talk with a supe supervisor well up to 17 minutes I finally hung up thinking they was not going to talk to me (l am desperately asking for your help thank you very much) Ricky Franklin. ..

  2. Hi I just purchased my phantom 3 professional 11/17/16 but I’m only going to use for Christmas so how long do I have to get my insure after the purchase date??? And does that coverage water damage??
    Thanks a lot.

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