Future of Drones

The Future of Drones

Drones are one of the most fascinating technologies that have recently made their mainstream entry. The US government has been heavily using these unmanned aerial vehicles for military purposes, but many businesses have now also started to harness the commercial potential of the GPS-controlled aircraft. While it seems that drones … Read more

Military aircraft

Spy Drones and Surveillance Drones

Spy drones have become a popular and controversial topic. While the technology is interesting, some question whether it should be used at all. However, a look at all the unique uses of these drones, as well as some of the cutting-edge designs, sheds some light on these unique drones. Here we … Read more


5 Exciting Uses of Drones in Agriculture

While you often hear about drones being used as personal drones or for military operations, drones actually offer great benefits for many industries. According to Forbes.com, Japan extensively uses drones in agriculture, and the United States may soon be allowing the use of drones for agriculture as well. In fact, the FAA … Read more

What is a Drone? What You Need to Know!

As technologies advance rapidly, new and fascinating gadgets emerge on the market. You’ve probably heard about the drone but are you wondering about what it really is and what it’s capable of doing? Here’s a brief history of the technology, as well as its most common uses. Definition Drone is, … Read more

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9 Amazing Uses For Drones

It would be difficult not to remember the hubbub surrounding Amazon’s announcement of plans to use drones to deliver packages to customer’s doorsteps last year. This was met with a mixture of amazement, skepticism and consternation all at the same time. While one person looked forward to the convenience offered … Read more