The 7 Best Mavic Pro Accessories That Can Change Your Life

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Best Mavic Pro accessoriesAlthough we really love the Mavic Air, the DJI Mavic Pro has lost none of its luster as a premium consumer drone.

That being said, there is no such thing as a perfect product.

Although DJI offers the excellent “fly more” combos for just about all its drones, there are many excellent accessories that can improve and customize your setup for your own specific needs.

Apart from the usual suspects such as extra batteries and spare rotor sets, here are some of the Best Mavic Pro Accessories.

A Car Inverter or Mavic Car Charger

DJI Mavic Pro Accessory Car Charger

There are only so many batteries that you can take with you when away from an AC power source, so what is a Mavic Pro pilot to do when the juice finally runs out? If you happen to also be the owner of a vehicle, you have two options ot augment your flight times.

An inverter takes the DC power from your car’s electrical system and converts it to an AC power source so that you can plug just about anything into it.

This means that you can simply plug in the equipment that came with your Mavic to charge your batteries on the go. An inverter is however not the most efficient solution, but it does have the major advantage of being versatile. You can also use it to power your laptop’s power brick, for example. It also means you can power your multi-battery charger.

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From an efficiency standpoint it’s a better idea to get a direct Mavic car charger. The downside is that you can only charge your Mavic with it, but it does waste as much electricity in converting the supply to what the drone needs. It’s also going to be cheaper than an inverter.

A Mavic Carry Bag

While the Mavic is specifically designed to be thrown into just about any bag, that doesn’t mean you should just chuck it wherever you want. More importantly, while the Mavic Pro is fine being shoved in a backpack, what about all the other bits and pieces? A dedicated carry bag will have safe and secure spots for your spare batteries, radio controller and more.

I recommend you look at one of the many hard-case shoulder bags. These have foam inserts that secure your Mavic and its accessories against bumping around or otherwise being subjected to abuse. It also helps protect your investment should the bag fall.

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Mavic Pro Prop Guards

In the early days it was pretty easy to crash and burn with your expensive new drone. I still remember seeing videos of people with first-generation Phantom drones crash them straight out of the box, damaged beyond repair.

These days this is a much less common issue. Most camera drones have pretty advanced flight autonomy and the Mavic Pro is certainly no exception, In most cases it will stop itself from getting intimate with solid objects.

That doesn’t mean it never happens though and you can save yourself a lot of grief (and money!) by sticking some lightweight prop guards on it. They don’t really impact flight time much and will keep walls and other drone kryptonite at bay. They also protect people and property from your drone.

Multi-Battery Hubs

You know what sucks more than having to recharge a battery? Having to recharge multiple batteries one-by-one. So what you really want is a multi-battery charging hub. You don’t have to faff around with third-party solutions either. DJI has an official charging hub that will top up all your batteries, up to four at a time.

DJI Mavic Pro Accessory Charging Hub

You have to connect your existing charger to power it though. But who cares when your actual drone can be flying instead of charging one battery on the ground?

Just remember to give your Mavic Pros motors time to cool down before slapping the next battery in and taking off again!

DJI Goggles

I had a look at the DJI Goggles back in February and was mightily impressed with the amount of advanced technology that DJI have squeezed into this lightweight FPV system. Yes, it isn’t exactly cheap. However, the Goggles will transform your experience with the Mavic Pro. Flying in first person with high-res, crystal clear vision and motion-controlled gimbal functionality is far more than just a gimmick.

You’ll take better footage and have a much more thrilling experience.

Mavic Pro Accessory DJI Goggles

Lens Filters

It’s easy to forget about the “photography” part of drone photography. Just as any photographer worth their salt will have a selection of filters handy to deal with different lighting condition, so should a drone photographer.

The most useful set of filters are neutral density filters. On sunny days they can help limit how much light makes it into the aperture of the camera. You can keep your shutter speed at the optimal rate and get footage that’s vibrant and correctly-exposed. If you’ve ever wondered why some drone footage looks so fantastic while yours looks sort of washed out it’s probably because they used the right filters.

DJI Mavic Pro Accessory ND filter set

A Remote Controller Hood

DJI Mavic Pro Accessory Remote Monitor Hood

If you aren’t using the DJi Goggles and it’s a clear day you might find it almost impossible to see anything on the live video feed. Sunlight-readability is still a major problem for modern mobile screen technology, so the most effective solution is to get a clear view of what’s going on. Sort of important when you want to get that perfect shot or just want to see where you are going.

When In Doubt, Accessorize!

Obviously this is no exhaustive list of accessories for Mavic Pro. There are plenty more things to make your life as a Mavic owner easier or just plain weirder.

What’s your favorite accessory for your Mavic? Has an accessory changed your life? Let us know in the comments what you think are the essential add-ons for a Mavic Pro.

Sydney Butler