ASCEND UAS Conference & Expo, (Cancelled)

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ASCEND is a UAS conference for commercial bushiness, with presentations and workshops that can take your use of drones to a new level.

The focus of the event is to go beyond the writing board, and put drones to use in commercial applications as profitably as possible.  

There will be conversations, workshops and speeches, with the focus of profitably advancing UAS businesses.

This is a great chance to meet leading actors in the drone field, get inspired on how to improve the use of UAS in your business, and maybe collaborate with other UAS actors.


The UAS industry has enormous potential for innovation. And one of the best ways to get inspiration, and collaborate, is to network with others in the business.

Networking in the UAS industry should not be undervalued. With technology so new, and in such rapid development, there are tons of things to learn from each other. Both in respect to how we can use drones to further our businesses, and to get ideas on how to improve the usage, and get inspiration of future applications.

At the event there will be experienced UAS professionals that lead workshops and share their insights, and all the fundamentals that can help those striving to excel with commercial drone technology.

There will also be Mentor Meetings where you can meet and discuss your business with experts that have faced and overcome challenges that might be similar to your UAS business challenges.


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    I am retired and part time in Real Estate. I have found your articles extremely interesting and informative. I am considering venturing into the drone services business and appreciate all the information you provide.
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