Hands-On Review of Lidi L15 Altitude Hold Camera Drone

Lidi l15 droneI was sent another quadcopter to try out today, the new Lidi L15 Altitude Hold Camera Drone, sent to me by GearBest, who by the way is having a very nice promotion right now, a flash sale with serious discounts.

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At first look it looks very much like the Syma X5SC. The drone is delivered pre-assembled, and is very easy to setup. Just attach the camera, the prop guards, charge the battery and put it in.

The prop guards slide in easy, and are fastened by screws.

Charging the battery takes about 45 minutes, and there is a charger included with a red light indicator that turns off when the battery is fully charged. The drone also has an on-off switch.

There is a camera included that points directly forward.

The flight is actually very stable and the drone is quite maneuverable. Remember to trim it to fly stable. The L15 by Lidi is very easy to fly, and very cheap. I like the flight characteristics of this quad, but the camera is not that great, and the video lags a bit. For the price I think you get a great first time drone, also a very good drone for kids. Be sure to use the prop guards though to protect them from accidents with the propellers.

There is a function for auto takeoff and one for auto landing. Auto landing works very well, even from high altitude.


The controller is rather large, and you need 4 AA batteries for it. It is not marked, so refer to the instructions manual for guidance. Once you read the manual you will see it is all pretty straight forward and logical, and you will get the hang of it quickly.

There is a clip for attaching your smartphone, and that works well.

Push off to start the engine, and another push off to take off.

Great for Beginners

This drone is easy to control, and very cheap, so a very good choice for beginners. Get an extra battery to avoid long interruptions in your flight, and be sure to read the manual well. It is also delivered RTF, and everything slides on very easy, like the camera, and the prop guards, and the quadcopter is very easy to setup.


The video is lagging, and the cameras output quality is not that great. The flight time is on the low side, 5-7 minutes, so be sure to buy an extra battery or two.


This is where I was going to put a flight video….Unfortunately I had a problem with my controller before I recorded video, it stopped working, and will have to have it replaced.

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Other Features:

360 rolls


Return to home

Real time FPV


Headless mode

Automatic landing button


2.4 GHz

Built in camera

Control distance 50 m

No memory on camera, only streaming, record via app

4 AA batteries for the controller

Flight time is around 5-7 min

Dimensions 39*39*12 cm


This is a good drone for beginners, that comes at a more than reasonable price. Be sure to get the extra battery so you can enjoy less interrupted flight sessions. Dont expect too much out of the camera, but it is fun to use and play around with. The keyword here is value for money, and that you get. A fun drone for someone looking to get started with flying drones, but who does not want to crash an expensive Phantom. A good beginner drone for kids, but make sure to never leave the batteries in the drone or the controller when the drone is not in use.

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Lidi L15

Lidi L15

Flying experience






        Ease of use


          Value for money



            • Easy to use
            • Stable flight
            • Easy to setup
            • Fun flying experience
            • Great price


            • FPV Video lags
            • Short flight time


            1. Michael says

              I just bought one of these and love it. I am looking to get a few more batteries for it but I don’t know where to look. Are all the batteries universal?

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