The Pros and Cons of Drones in Agriculture

drones in agriculture

Drones, which were once a reserve of the military, are now redefining precision agriculture. The number of farmers adopting the use of drones in their farms is growing steadily. Drones offer them a low-cost aerial camera platform. This way farmers can cost-effectively monitor their crops. Drones are used to capture images which are later processed […]

The Use of Drones in Construction Inspection and General Building

Drone that inspects constructions

Drone technology has been advancing greatly over the past few years. Technology that was once only available to military personnel is now available in the civilian market at competitive pricing options. The construction industry is usually somewhat adverse to new technology. However, drone technology has been quickly adopted by many businesses in this ever evolving industry. […]

Can Drones Fly Over Private Property? [And How to Stop Them]

Drone flying over private property

The use of drones across the U.S. soaring high, a move that may soon get our skies more crowded. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expects the sale of UAVs to hit 7 million by the year 2020. The interest for this piece of technology is growing from both the commercial and individual front. This growing use […]

5 Reasons You Need a Drone for GIS Mapping

mapping gis

Drone innovation has come an exceptionally long way in an extremely short period of time. Although the first unmanned drones were launched in the mid 1800s (Austria attacked Italy with unmanned balloons loaded with explosives) the innovation of drone technology has really taken off in the last couple of decades. Now anyone can buy and […]

7 Ways Drones Are Improving The Construction Industry

Drones construction

The construction industry has existed in one form or another for as long as man has walked the earth. Thanks to advances in modern technology things like bridges, buildings, canals, parks and more can be built faster than ever. Many construction companies are catching on to the fact that drones, also known as unmanned aerial […]

12 Tips for Safely and Successfully Flying Drones Indoors

drones indoors

Flying drones is always a great way to pass the time. On occasion, flying drones outdoors might not be the best option. Maybe it’s too hot or too cold; it could be extremely windy or rainy. Sometimes you just don’t have a good outdoor location to fly your drone. Flying your drone indoors is a viable […]

DJI Drone Insurance – Explained

Inspire 1

DJI is the increasingly popular Chinese technology company that rolled out the DJI Phantom and DJI Inspire drone product lines, both of which have gained massive followings in multiple parts of the world. Due to the expense involved in purchasing your drone, finding a way to protect it while still being able to enjoy its use […]

Everything You Need to Know about Drone Racing

Race with camera drones

If you’ve made your first steps in the world of drones, you’re probably looking for opportunities to make the activity a bit more exciting… maybe even a bit more competitive. If you’d like to test your skills and see whether you’re better than other drone pilots, you should definitely try drone racing. It sounds really fun […]

Current Rules for Flying Drones and Drone Photography

Men operating a drone with a camera

Flying a drone as a hobby is undoubtedly cool but unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can also be used to do a range of practical and useful things. Aerial photography is one of the most popular options and the reason why there are so many drones with cameras, or drones compatible with GoPro, capable of shooting […]

Agricultural Drones – An Extensive Overview

Use of drones in agriculture

Commercial agriculture involves a vast range of cumbersome but important processes. The good news is some of those can be simplified through the use of technology (or already have been). Drones provide brand new opportunities to make agricultural processes easier and a lot more efficient. Needless to safe, the use of such technology is also […]