Hand-On Review of Flanker W606-5 by HJ Toys

Flanker w606-5

I had the chance to try out the W606-5 Flanker by HJ Toys. Seeing the drone before I got the box I was quite exited, the design looked stunning, and it had a nice FPV setup on the controller. The Flankers design seems to be very inspired by a design called the Apple Drone, which is […]

Hands-On Review of Lidi L15 Altitude Hold Camera Drone

Lidi l15 drone

I was sent another quadcopter to try out today, the new Lidi L15 Altitude Hold Camera Drone, sent to me by GearBest, who by the way is having a very nice promotion right now, a flash sale with serious discounts. At first look it looks very much like the Syma X5SC. The drone is delivered pre-assembled, and is […]

Hands-On Review of Middax F51 Waterproof Aquadrone

Middax F51 Aquadrone

I got to test the new Middax F51 Aquadrone, courtesy of GearBest. The Middax F51 is a very small drone, 16 cm wide, 5.8 cm high, and with a length of 20 cm, but it does pack quite a bit of power, and includes a small camera with a 4GB memory card. You get a nice […]

DJI Phantom 3 vs Inspire 1 – Comparison Between Two High-End Drones

Inspire 1

Two of the most efficient, easy to fly, and all around best looking aerial photography platforms in 2016 are DJI’s Phantom 3 Pro and the Inspire 1 quadcopters. The Inspire 1 is priced much higher than the Phantom 3 Professional, but is the difference really worth it? Here‘s the deal: That totally depends on what […]

Comparison: DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus vs GoPro

Vision + Camera

If you are looking for a great drone to use with a camera, a good option right now is the DJI Phantom 2. However there are two different options for those interested in filming/photography: mounting a GoPro camera on your Phantom or getting the Phantom 2 Vision + with integrated camera. At the time of writing, […]