Police Drones: 2017 and the Future

camera drone used by police

Drones are becoming an ever growing commodity around the world, not just for civilians but for law enforcement as well. Law enforcement around the world have been using camera drones for some time, but they have recently just gotten extremely popular and now you see more and more fire departments and police headquarters using them […]

4 Things To Know Before the Relaunch of GoPro Karma

GoPro Drone Karma re-release

It is no secret that GoPro’s relationship with the drone industry has been tangled at best. However, when the small-camera producer released information concerning the GoPro Karma, there were many who believed this would be a pivotal release for the company. With stocks ranging between a measly $8 to a whopping $88 per share, the […]

The PowerRay – An Underwater Drone for Fishing

underwater fishing drone

The same company that brought us the PowerEgg has a new innovation to share, the PowerRay. Unlike the PowerEgg, the PowerRay will not take to the skies, it is an underwater drone for fishing. It comes equipped with a 4K camera that connects via WiFi or Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device. It can […]

Best Video Drones [6 Outstanding Drones for Video 2017]

Man with a video drone

Camera quality is one of your main concerns when looking for just the right video drone. You need something that will get the job done easily, yet stand out from the rest. So how do you sift through all the hype of each and every option on the market and make an informed decision on […]

11 Tips On Using A Drone To Shoot Great Videos

DJI inspire camera drone

Drones can be used to shoot stunning videos. By following the 11 tips on this list, you can learn to shoot great videos with a drone. 1. Pay Close Attention To The Weather Never fly a drone during windy conditions if you want to film. While you will be able to easily see if the conditions […]

Do You Need a Drone Insurance and What is the Cost?

Commercial drone crashes

Some of the commercial purposes drones are currently being put to include mapping, agriculture, filming, surveillance, and photography. The increase in applications for drones has led to increasing privacy and safety concerns fueling the need for drone insurance. Drones can also be quite expensive, and crashes are not at all uncommon. It is now possible […]

The Use of Drones in Construction Inspection and General Building

Drone that inspects constructions

Drone technology has been advancing greatly over the past few years. Technology that was once only available to military personnel is now available in the civilian market at competitive pricing options. The construction industry is usually somewhat adverse to new technology. However, drone technology has been quickly adopted by many businesses in this ever evolving industry. […]

Drones to Deliver Medical Transplants in Australia and India

Drone delivers medical equipment

Drones have served a number of uses in recent years. We’ve used them to support military efforts, deliver packages, make movies, shoot real estate videos, create interactive tourist experiences, take aerial photos and more. But these drones now are being used to support the medical community with exceptional results. Australia In Australia for example, the […]

Hand-On Review of Flanker W606-5 by HJ Toys

Flanker w606-5

I had the chance to try out the W606-5 Flanker by HJ Toys. Seeing the drone before I got the box I was quite exited, the design looked stunning, and it had a nice FPV setup on the controller. The Flankers design seems to be very inspired by a design called the Apple Drone, which is […]

Underwater Treasure Hunting with a Drone

Underwater Drone

Are you dreaming about finding lost treasure under the sea? Now you have your chance, with the underwater drone called Trident, which can be pre-ordered here for around $1200. The drones creators are treasure hunters Eric Stackpole and David Lang, and they designed it to be able to search a cave in California for lost gold. The […]

Hands-On Review of Lidi L15 Altitude Hold Camera Drone

Lidi l15 drone

I was sent another quadcopter to try out today, the new Lidi L15 Altitude Hold Camera Drone, sent to me by GearBest, who by the way is having a very nice promotion right now, a flash sale with serious discounts. At first look it looks very much like the Syma X5SC. The drone is delivered pre-assembled, and is […]

Hands-On Review of Middax F51 Waterproof Aquadrone

Middax F51 Aquadrone

I got to test the new Middax F51 Aquadrone, courtesy of GearBest. The Middax F51 is a very small drone, 16 cm wide, 5.8 cm high, and with a length of 20 cm, but it does pack quite a bit of power, and includes a small camera with a 4GB memory card. You get a nice […]

Dutch Police use Eagles to Take Out Drones

Eagles take out drones

Rogue drones are becoming a concern for authorities in many countries. A few measures to intercept them have been tested, with the Dutch police force opting for a rather unusual one. It involves using one of nature’s most famous flying predators: eagles. The Dutch police started training eagles who can bring down drones back in 2015 […]

GoPro Releasing Karma Drone On Monday

GoPro release Karma Drone

The first signs that GoPro was planning on a major product release next Monday was a series of teasers that was released by the company to show how the new Karma drone was going to perform. Here are the latest commercials that give you a preview of what the GoPro drone can accomplish: Karma is coming: […]

US Farmers Becoming Increasingly Reliant on Drones

drone flying over farm

High-tech tools are becoming more accessible, giving American farmers an opportunity to modernize the process in a cost-efficient way. Drones provide some of the most lucrative possibilities for modern farming. Drones are being utilized in several ways that are making the jobs of farmers easier and boosting the effectiveness of pest control. Pictures of the crops […]