7 Tips to Master Aerial Photography with a Drone

People on stairUsing a personal drone for aerial photography can result in fabulous photos, but this type of photography can be tricky. It takes some practice, and often multiple shots, to achieve the perfect photo.

However, you can use some tips and tricks to ensure you end up with a fabulous final shot.

Use the following tips to master aerial photography with a drone.

Tip #1 – Increase Your Altitude

Many people make the mistake of getting as close as possible to the subject of a photo. While it may seem like a great idea to take photos close to your target, try increasing your altitude and taking photos from a higher altitude. This allows you to get a lot more into your camera’s view, providing you with a much better photo.

Just increasing your altitude can mean the difference between a photo of a stunning field with running horses, or just a photo that’s zoomed in on the horses.

Getting some distance can actually make your photo better

Tip #2 – Use a FPV System for Better Shots

If you want to take better shots, consider using a first person view (FPV) system. This allows you to have a first person view of what your camera is viewing at the time. This makes it easier to accurately frame your photos.

While FPV works wonderfully for most shots, it may not work as well if you’re taking close up shots, so experiment with the FPV system to see what works best for you.

Tip #3 – Try Using GPS Mode

Using your personal drone’s GPS mode is an excellent idea when you’re trying to take aerial photos. Most drones have GPS mode, and this mode works wonderfully if you need to stabilize your photo. When you’re flying, choose a location for your photo. Once you’re at your location, let go of the drone’s controls. Turn on GPS mode and the drone will stabilize and hover on its own. Using this mode makes it possible to take a photo without vibration, resulting in an improved result.

Photo in nice light

Tip #4 – Choose the Right Location

One of the most important tips for drone aerial photography is to choose the right location. You’ll end up with subpar photos if you fail to choose the right location.

Make sure that you choose a location that is free of high buildings. It should be open and it shouldn’t be heavily wooded. It’s a good idea to find a location that doesn’t have a lot of birds that will fly in the way of your shot. As you improve your aerial photography, eventually you won’t need to worry about birds and buildings when you’re trying to score a great photo.

Tip #5 – Pay Attention to the Weather

Don’t forget to pay attention to the weather, especially if you have a smaller drone. Windy conditions can cause your drone to move around a lot in the sky, resulting in a shaky shot. When you’re trying to score a perfect picture, you don’t want to fight with the weather. Choose a day that is calm and clear if you want to take great photos.

Tip #6 – Choose the Right Camera

Choosing the right camera for aerial photography is so important. You’ll find that there are many different camera options that you can use with your drone. When you choose a camera, you want to choose carefully so you end up with great pictures. Remember, the higher the quality of your camera, the higher quality photos you will take with your drone.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a camera for aerial photography:

  • Choose a camera with a high overall resolution. This will help you to take clearer photos.
  • Consider going with a camera that can photograph even in low light. You can take some great photos at sunset, sunrise, and in other low light conditions if you have the right camera on your drone.

You basically have two options today, The DJI Phantom with FPV integrated HD Camera or the DJI Phantom with GoPro. Read more about them here in our article: Best Drones 2016. Both are excellent choices and they deliver smooth and clear video. The difference between the two is the topic for a soon coming article!

Be sure to use a gimbal to keep the footage steady, and have access to more features.

Tip #7 – Consider Adding Lighting Accessories for Night Photography

Taking photos at night can offer some beautiful results, but you need to have the right accessories. Not only do you need a camera that can perform well in low light conditions, you will need some lighting accessories.

You can add front lights to your drone, making it possible to take photos, even if it’s completely dark outside.

Aerial photography can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to capture unique, stunning photos. Use these tips as you begin exploring aerial photography with a drone to ensure you enjoy the best results.

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