Drones construction

7 Ways Drones Are Improving The Construction Industry

The construction industry has existed in one form or another for as long as man has walked the earth. Thanks to advances in modern technology things like bridges, buildings, canals, parks and more can be built faster than ever. Many construction companies are catching on to the fact that drones, also known as unmanned aerial […]

drones indoors

12 Tips for Safely and Successfully Flying Drones Indoors

Flying drones is always a great way to pass the time. On occasion, flying drones outdoors might not be the best option. Maybe it’s too hot or too cold; it could be extremely windy or rainy. Sometimes you just don’t have a good outdoor location to fly your drone. Flying your drone indoors is a viable […]

4 Mini Drone Reviews

The 4 Best Mini Drones in 2016

Mini drones are all the rage right now, and with good reason. Mini drones, also known as micro drones, can easily be transported without causing a scene, as many of these unmanned aerial vehicles can fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand. Great as starter drones, for flying indoors, and for kids, […]

Photography for beginners

A Beginner’s Guide to Drone Photography: 12 Insider Tips for Success

Thanks to innovations in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, drone photography is easier than ever to master. Whether you want to pick up drone photography as a hobby, complete a specific task, or start or expand a career in aerial photography, there are easy and affordable ways to make it happen. There are multiple uses […]

privacy and drones

Drones and Privacy in the United States in 2016

Drone use in the United States is a wildly controversial topic. Many people conjure up a 1984-esque image of government planes hovering high in the sky, recording every word and movement made by the more than 300 million people living within America’s borders. Due to privacy concerns, some activists have called on the government to […]

drone underwater

5 Best Waterproof Drones – Awesome Waterproof Quadcopters!

Whether you’re a seasoned drone hobbyist, new to the flight arena or a grandparent looking to purchase a child his first RC flying device, considering a waterproof drone is a great idea. The waterproof features on the models below allow freedom of flight beyond fields and backyards to rivers, oceans and lakes. You can also […]

Inspire 1

DJI Drone Insurance – Explained

DJI is the increasingly popular Chinese technology company that rolled out the DJI Phantom and DJI Inspire drone product lines, both of which have gained massive followings in multiple parts of the world. Due to the expense involved in purchasing your drone, finding a way to protect it while still being able to enjoy its use […]

Drone GoPro Karma

GoPro’s New Drone Release Delayed until Winter Holidays

Though GoPro fans have long been excited about the launch of the company’s new drone in the first half of 2016, GoPro announced a decision to delay the release until the winter holiday season. The announcement about the GoPro drone called Karma was made when the company released and explained its financial results for the first […]

Matrice 600 movie making drone

DJI Sells New Film Making Drone: Welcome, Matrice 600

DJI s a company that has taken the drone world by a storm and the DJI engineers constantly works on making bigger, better and more powerful gadgets. The latest project that DJI has unveiled is Matrice 600 – a hexacopter advertised as a product for professional cinematographers. It’s quite big, quite fast and the drone has […]