Surfing with a drone

Drone Surfing: The New Sport in Town

Just when we thought that all the uses to which a drone can be put to have been exploited, Freefly Systems found a new use for it: surfing. Toward the end of summer, Freefly Systems released a video featuring a man on a wakeboard being pulled by the Freefly ALTA 8. The drone is seen […]

Drone for racing

Drone Racing to be Televised by ESPN

A monumental agreement was recently reached between Drone Racing League (DRL) and ESPN. The agreement will see ESPN broadcast upcoming DRL’s first full season of drone racing episodes. The season will be composed of 10 episodes and is set to start on the 23rd of October 2016. The episodes will be aired on ESPN, ESPN2, […]

Underwater Drone

Underwater Treasure Hunting with a Drone

Are you dreaming about finding lost treasure under the sea? Now you have your chance, with the underwater drone called Trident, which can be pre-ordered here for around $1200. The drones creators are treasure hunters Eric Stackpole and David Lang, and they designed it to be able to search a cave in California for lost gold. The […]

Lidi l15 drone

Hands-On Review of Lidi L15 Altitude Hold Camera Drone

I was sent another quadcopter to try out today, the new Lidi L15 Altitude Hold Camera Drone, sent to me by GearBest, who by the way is having a very nice promotion right now, a flash sale with serious discounts. At first look it looks very much like the Syma X5SC. The drone is delivered pre-assembled, and is […]

Middax F51 Aquadrone

Hands-On Review of Middax F51 Waterproof Aquadrone

I got to test the new Middax F51 Aquadrone, courtesy of GearBest. The Middax F51 is a very small drone, 16 cm wide, 5.8 cm high, and with a length of 20 cm, but it does pack quite a bit of power, and includes a small camera with a 4GB memory card. You get a nice […]

Eagles take out drones

Dutch Police use Eagles to Take Out Drones

Rogue drones are becoming a concern for authorities in many countries. A few measures to intercept them have been tested, with the Dutch police force opting for a rather unusual one. It involves using one of nature’s most famous flying predators: eagles. The Dutch police started training eagles who can bring down drones back in 2015 […]

GoPro release Karma Drone

GoPro Releasing Karma Drone On Monday

The first signs that GoPro was planning on a major product release next Monday was a series of teasers that was released by the company to show how the new Karma drone was going to perform. Here are the latest commercials that give you a preview of what the GoPro drone can accomplish: Karma is coming: […]

Building a fast drone

The Best Racing Drones [6 Fast and Powerful Drones!]

Drone racing is quickly becoming one of America’s hottest hobbies, but it’s also so much more. There are multiple clubs and leagues that pit serious competitors against one another for cash and other prizes. There is no shortage of opinions on the best way to enter the world of drone racing. Below, we’ll discuss the […]

Pro Drone Pilot

FAA’s New Test a Gateway to Becoming a Pro Drone Pilot

What may have sounded like a distant pipe dream a decade ago just became a reality with effect from the 29th August 2016. FAA’s newly finalized regulations governing small unmanned aerial systems came into effect on Monday. Part 107 outlines the basic requirements an individual needs to meet in order to become a commercially certified […]